Singapore as a Business Base

There are many companies and Corporations that choose to register as a business in Singapore and with good reason. Singapore is an ideal place to base a company that wishes to do business with both the east and the west because it is uniquely located directly on the east west shipping route. It therefore acts as a midway point for businesses from both the east and the west. Singapore is also considered to be the best country in the world to find a qualified, educated workforce. The biggest reason that companies choose to register in Singapore though are its taxations laws which are very generous towards businesses in order to encourage their registration. If a company wishes to register in Singapore though, it will probably need some assistance to do so. Fortunately there are businesses like that specialize in doing just that; assisting foreign businesses to register in Singapore. The registration process is in fact easier than it is in many countries, once again in order to encourage companies to register however, One or two things that the Singapore government insists on, may cause some problems and that is where these Singapore businesses that specialize in these matters can help. In order for a company to register in Singapore, it is necessary for them to appoint a director that is either a citizen of Singapore or a permanent resident of Singapore. Although this is one area where you can be helped by the specialists providing you with possible names, it is easy enough to get around this and how a company can do that is to have a current director, issued with a valid Singapore employment permit. If you have to appoint another director just for the purpose of satisfying the Singapore government, it does not mean that that director must have a say in company policy or accounts; they are just the contact man for the Singapore government. If a company transacts any business at all actually in Singapore, accurate records of those transactions must be kept by a corporate secretary but that corporate secretary, in order to comply with Singapore laws, must be a Singapore citizen. This is an area in which must foreign companies will need assistance; in finding a suitable candidate and the Singapore specialists can help and even sometimes offer their own services as secretary. The last thing that a company wishing to register in Singapore will have to provide the Singapore government with is their business address in Singapore. Although in many countries, to satisfy this requirement, a post office box number will suffice, in Singapore it must be an actual address where the company has an office which is open during the regular Singapore working hours. Once a company has registered though, they can enjoy the low taxation rates and any employees that may work there, can also enjoy a good standard of living as Singapore is ranked the best in Asia in terms of the standard of living.